For the Learner

A simple, accessible , and collaborative learning experience.

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Easy-to-use Dashboard

The dashboard is a centralized space for details on your learner’s training activities. The leaderboard allows learners to be ranked according to their progress and learning score.

Personalized Course Catalog

Serve your learners the best courses to fit their needs. Learners can access the catalog and use Triboo’s filtering tools to narrow down the courses they’re most interested in.

Badges and Certificates

Throughout their training journey, learners can earn badges and certificates to achieve their goals and build their skill set.

Collaborative Forums

Triboo allows you to inspire a sense of community between learners and trainers with features for content sharing, forums, and discussion boards.

Personalized Reports

Reporting is available for learners to review their progress and performance in just one click.

Engage your employees by delivering a rich, personalized training experience on Triboo.
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